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Compostable Nappy
Collection Trial



In a bid to reduce our carbon footprint and make sustainable choices for the future, we embarked on a unique journey - the Compostable Nappy Trial at OAC Glebe.


Traditional disposable nappies account for a significant amount of landfill waste, often taking hundreds of years to degrade. Compostable nappies are designed to decompose in a fraction of that time and fit into the circular economy system.


Partnering with leading compostable nappy Eenee, we introduced a sustainable alternative to plastic nappies. Over six weeks, OAC educators experienced first-hand the benefits of switching to an eco-friendlier choice. An integral part of the trial was engaging OAC educators. Their training showcased significant results, with a shift from 0% to 87.3% understanding the circular economy post-training. The post training survey also indicated that educators were 100% clear on the importance of avoiding bin contamination.



While there were initial challenges such as adjusting to the new design and ensuring the correct fit for each child, the overall sentiment post-trial was overwhelmingly positive. Educators appreciated the quality, feeling confident they were making an eco-conscious choice.

The road to nappy sustainability is paved with challenges. From ensuring the nappies fit correctly to managing the additional steps in disposal, OAC educators and staff displayed exceptional adaptability. We also identified barriers like higher costs for sustainable products, the need for staff training due to frequent turnovers, environmental implications of dryer usage, lower-than-expected initial parental engagement despite diverse communication strategies.


This trial serves as a foundation for a broader vision – transitioning towards a more sustainable childcare environment. Our goal is to further refine the process, advocate for infrastructural changes where needed, and continuously educate our community.


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